Earth Science Frontiers ›› 2016, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (4): 22-28.DOI: 10.13745/j.esf.2016.04.002

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New progress and understanding of the Baidashan group, southern margin of the North China Block.

 ZHANG  Chun-Lei, CHA  Shi-Xin, BI  Chi-Guo, GONG  Wei-Chi, JIA  Qiong, MA  Guo-Meng, GAO  Ya   

  1. 1. Institute of Geoanalysis of Anhui Province, Hefei 230001, China
    2. No.327 Geological Party of Anhui Province, Hefei 230011, China
    3. Anhui Geological Museum, Hefei 230031, China
  • Received:2015-06-01 Revised:2015-08-18 Online:2016-07-15 Published:2016-07-15


Recently, the author has measured Baidashan group section which exposed a sequence of complete and continuous layer on the HenanAnhui border of southern margin on the north China Block. There are conodonts molecules of the MiddleLate Ordovician in carbonatite of Baidashan group: Belodina compressa,Panderodus gracilis,Pseudobelodina dispansa(?) and Bryozo, Calthrop, Small shells, Archaeostraca etc., which filled the blank of the region that has been no fossil record. According to the characteristics of stratigraphic sequence, lithologic combination, the biota appearance, the ancient sedimentary environment of geography, and combined with a large number of limestone thin section results, it is concluded that the Baidashan group belongs to the Early Paleozoic era. The southern margin of North China massif line was redrawn to JiangjiLongtan sets. We consider that the conodonts biota in this area should belong to the northern type conodonts geographical partition.

Key words: North China Block, Early Paleozoic, Baidashan group, conodont

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