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    Each bimonthly issue of Earth Science Frontiers is centered on a specific geoscience theme that has far-reaching significance in Chinese and global geoscience research. Articles we select for publication reflect frontier research achievements, developmental trends, hotspots and challenges in all branches of earth sciences or in interdisciplinary fields related to the central theme, with emphasis on frontier, fundamental, multidisciplinary and large scope researches. We also publish in each issue a number of articles on self-selected subjects.

    Manuscript content

    · Manuscript must contain certain amount of literature references that demonstrate frontier research trends.

    · Discussions should be mainly on own research results, with less historical reviews. As we mainly publish frontier research achievements, we encourage manuscripts that explore hotspot and challenging research topics and present novel and unique ideas about important geoscience issues.

    · Manuscript must have a clear thesis, supported by reliable data with clear and concise table and figure presentations.

    · Manuscript should contain less than 9000 characters; abstract should have ~400 characters, with  English translations (experimental findings should be summarized in the English abstract), and 3-8 keywords.

    · The main research must be independently completed by the author(s); when referencing works by others, author(s) must indicate sources in accordance with the guidelines in the Copyright Laws and take full responsibility for all copyright related matters.    

    Important notes

    1. Manuscript should contain a brief author introduction: Name (Birth year), sex, highest education degree, professional title and position, research specialty, main research field and major work, and funding source.

    2. Table and figure captions must have English translations, excluding symbols and legends. Table should includes data information, such as experimenter name(s), experimental method(s) and condition(s), and data precision and error range.

    3. All data should use standard international units.

    4. Use scientific and technological terms validated by the China National Committee for Terms in Science and Technology (Term online

     Citing References

    Reference citing should use arabic numbers in the order as citations appear in the text, and citation numbers should be positioned as superscript and inside square brackets (references cited in table or figures should be those already cited in the main text). The listing formats are:

    (1) Monograph: [Listing number] Author name(s) (Editor). Book name [M]. Edition. Publishing place: Publisher, Year: Page numbers.

    (2) Literature published in Monograph: [Listing number] Author name(s). Article title [M] ‖ Editor. Book name. Edition. Publishing place: Publisher, Publishing year, Page numbers.

    (3) Periodical: [Listing number] Author name. Article title [J]. Periodical name, Issue year, Volume number (Issue number): Page numbers.

    (4) Degree thesis: [Listing number] Author name. Thesis title [D]. Hosting location: agency name, Time: Page number.

    (5) Meeting minutes: [Listing number] Author name. Citation title [C] ‖ Minutes recorder. Minutes Title. Publishing place: Publisher, Publishing year: Page numbers.  

    (6) List only the first 3 authors, adding “et al” if author number is greater than 3.

    (7) Non-Chinese author names should be written as SURNAME (all capital) followed by first name initial.   


    · Manuscript (main text, tables, figures) must be submitted in both electronic and printed forms in *.doc or *.pdf format;  

    · All figures and tables must be incorporated into the main text, and each figure must be submitted in separate files in *.tif format;

    · Use segment scale bar in figures as needed;

    · Use Songti SC or Songti TC font (usually 7.8 lbs or size 6) for Chinese characters; use Times New Roman font (7.8 lbs or size 6) for Non-Chinese characters and numbers;

    · Figure content must be consistent with figure caption and description in the main text;

    · Map use in figures should follow rules in the Map Management Ordinance; download standard map from the Department of Survey Mapping and Geo-information's standard map service website ( and use as basemap.

    Submission Policy

    1. Our editorial office will notify author(s) via E-mail about acceptance decisions within ~2 months.

    2. Manuscript accepted by Earth Science Frontiers will be first published online on the fast-communication platform—CAJ-NP of the Chinese Network of Knowledge and Communication (CNKI) (Author(s) can immediately download publication certificate from this website).

    3. We provide CD and online editions besides printed edition. All published articles are recorded into the Chinese Academic Journal Network Publishing Database (CD edition), QikanChina Network, ChinaInfo Group, and Chinese Scientific Citation Database.

    4. Once published, we will charge publication fees and pay a one-time royalty payment (CD and online edition royalties included). If author wishes no CD/online edition and/or database tracking for his/her publication, please indicate such at submission, we will arrange accordingly.

    To Authors: In order for us to communication with you on manuscript issues, please provide us your contact information.

    If you have any questions about manuscript submission, please contact:

    Submission office

    Phone: (010) 82322973
    Fax: (010) 82321904

    February 22, 2011

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