Earth Science Frontiers Publication Ethics Statement

  • Earth Science Frontiers Publication Ethics Statement 


    Scientific publishing is at the forefront of defending scientific research integrity against academic misconduct. The Earth Science Frontiers editorial office issues the following publication ethics guidelines:


    The editorial office shall use modern detection technology to proactively monitor academic misconduct and make the utmost efforts to ensure that all manuscripts selected for publication follow the ethical guidelines. If an already published article were later found to involve academic misconduct, such as plagiarism, fabrication, data fraud, etc., the editorial office shall immediately withdraw the published article from the journal's online archive; at the same time the editorial office shall issue a public announcement on the publishing website CNKI as well as journal's own website, and notify the relevant institution. The editorial office shall make sure that lessons are learned from such incident.


    To authors: the author must not submit the same manuscript to another journal, and should follow the journal's data sharing policy to avoid data fraud. The author should provide accurate and complete bibliographic information on the reference list in respecting author copyright.


    To peer reviewers: the peer reviewer should give his/her objective professional opinion on the reviewed manuscript without professional bias. The peer reviewer should keep the reviewed manuscript content confidential and should not disclose any reviewed content before its publication. The peer reviewer should not intentionally delay the publication of the reviewed manuscript, or worse, commit plagiary. If the peer reviewer to have potential conflict of interest with the author, he/she should notify the editorial office as soon as possible so timely replacement can be found.


    To readers and publishing media: although the authors are ultimately responsible for their ethical conducts while we do our part in keeping the journal contents truthful and reliable, we welcome the readers and publishing media to report any ethical issues related to our publication to the editorial office without hesitation, and we offer rewards to the reporting individuals.




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